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Tola Lawal’s current mission is clear: help young women successfully navigate the trajectory of their lives. In 2018, Forbes named her one of the top women dedicated to helping the next generation of leaders find their calling.

It was while working with notable agencies and brands including MTV, BET and Sean Combs’ Blue Flame Agency that Tola discovered her own calling.  She made a pivotal realization: despite the newfound attention brands and businesses were directing towards millennials, the voices and needs of these youth consumers of color were largely ignored. Tola quickly recognized that she was equally as passionate about implementing new methodologies in the field of marketing as she was about working with the youth. She pursued this by launching her own firm, SixOne7 Creative, bringing her forward thinking approach to millennial engagement to clients and students alike on a larger scale. She went on to execute college tours for Carols Daughter, LionsGate films and a host of other brands.

Adding the role of Speaker to her resume, Tola began spreading the importance of career planning and good mentorship to high school and college students across the country. Before long, the serial entrepreneur launched her next venture, "Reservation for 10," a dinner series which offers college students interested in media careers the opportunity to learn from established professionals in an intimate setting.

Committed to empowering the next generation of leaders, Tola has also taken on the role as Assistant Director of College Success at a Brooklyn high school, and started not for profit organization Gyrl Wonder whose success and recognition has catapulted her to being one of the most influential voices in women and youth culture.  Her current role allows her to lead the charge in helping inner city students take ownership of the paths they choose for their lives by arming them with the tools needed to succeed in college and beyond.  

Tola is a Bronx, New York native and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Communications from Pace University.  She has appeared in Forbes, NBC, Black Enterprise and countless other media outlets.

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What I do

I advise to advance - connecting students to the invaluables of independence and self-sufficiency. Self-advocacy, mentorship, networking, professionalism, and authenticity, I teach the pillars toward professional and personal growth that I've gained from my 13 years in marketing, branding, communications, and leadership within multi-million dollar companies and brands. From workshops to round tables, to content creation and content proliferation, I believe engaging students on all fronts is key to opening the doors they never knew existed.

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Because I've experienced firsthand how vision, dedication, support, and mentoring can turn personal potential into profound power to get ahead, seize opportunities, and do some amazing things in this world.  It's because of this I have an unwavering passion for challenging our youth to be the best version of themselves, and to ensure that the best of this world is within their reach.