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Dominating Your First Year - Successfully Transitioning from High School to College  Finding Your Community on Campus
Real Life 101 - 10 Things To Do Your Last Year In College 

Marketing to GENZ: the REAL influencers. 
Diversity & Inclusion in Technology - Digital Girl Disruptors
Entrepreneurship - Building your brand
Creating the Vision, Finding the Path
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College of Mount Saint Vincent, NY 2014
Babson College, NY 2014
Brooklyn College, NY 2014
University of Conneticut, CT 2014
St. Vincent's Women Empowerment Dinner, 2014

Cardinal Spellman High School, NY 2015
David A Boody Intermediate School, NY 2015
Al Sharpton Action Network, NY 2015
Plucked Admissions Recruiting Panel, NY 2015
Young Women's Leadership Symposium, FL 2015

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Ms.Tola is my role model, mentor and big sister. She sees my potential when I dont. There was never a time where she did not push me intellectually, emotionally or mentally. She is always checking in on me when it comes to my grades. She works with me and understands where I get stuck in my personal life. She makes me a priority. I can call at anytime and she will answer. She is always willing to help me find different opportunities that will add to my resume. She respects my passion and supports me in every way possible. What more can I ask for from an already great mentor?
— Kayla Torres – Syracuse University 19’
Ms. Tola played a huge role in getting me into college after high school. Even though my first year didn’t go as planned she never looked down on me but only helped me to plan steps for the future. She’s someone you can depend on to keep it real with you when you make mistakes but will be there to run the race of life with you. I know a few of my peers would agree
— Tamel Epps – Laguardia Community College
Ms. Tola is superwoman. The college process was very stressful for me. When I walked into Ms.Tola’s office with a frown on my face she always calmed me down and help me address all my problems. Throughout my senior year Tola’s door was open know matter what. She is a shoulder to cry on, a mother showing tough love, and a motivator. Her organization, Gyrl Wonder really helped me embrace my womanhood. She has gone out of her way time and time again to make sure young women of color have a safe space, and a place to work together to achieve our dreams. Any time my crown was going to fall she was always there to adjust it and give me words of encouragement and pushed me to spread my Black Girl Magic with confidence. Shes my role model who continuously sets the bar high and expects me to pass it with flying colors. When I didn’t have the confidence to see my potential Ms. Tola saw it in me.
— Melissa Niles – Lafayette College 21’
Ms. Tola has been so supportive of me. She’s been that strong voice that I needed when I was down. Always there to give that tough love that I need in addition to being that shoulder when I need to cry. When she first bought Gyrl Wonder to my high school, I quickly attached myself to her. She understood us, always challenged us to be our best selves and taught us how to have vision, and create a plan towards that vision. When she first became a college counselor during the college application process I was so happy. She’s so full of life and so fun. She is showing me that you can be successful and be happy in life at the same time. I really appreciated when she came all the way out to California to visit me at Pomona. That showed me that she cared. She has been more than a mentor to me and I am beyond thankful for her.
— been more than a mentor to me and I am beyond thankful for her.
Ms. Tola always makes sure that I’m on track to become my best self. Her motivation and consistency to make sure everyone is on top is a burst of positivity that us scholars need to keep striving for greatness.
— Andre Cowen – Fredonia State College, 21
Tola is my second mother. The transition from high school to college is challenging and Tola definitely has been my backbone for all my problems. Having someone who ensures you that you are great makes me feel as though I am capable of anything. There are a lot of things that can happen at PWI that can make a young man of color want to drop out but having Tola in my ear reminds me that I am destined to be great and that there will always be obstacles. And most importantly, she is easy to talk to. You can talk to Tola about anything, which often times s hard for me, as I have trust issues BUT she’s great. I am confident in saying that I trust Tola and this relationship is one I won’t take for granted.
— Jabari Richardson – Wheaton College 20’
Everyone is afraid of rejection but During The College Process Ms. Tola Always Told Us That We would Find The School That wasThe Best Fit For us & That Even If You Get Denied, to try to understand thatThings Happen For A Reason And All You Can Do Is Keep Pushing And Move Forward
— Symphont Bryant – Lafayette College 21
Tola has been a beacon of light and source of inspiration since I first came across Gyrl Wonder. As a partnering organization serving the young women in our NY community, she helped guide and keep our girls in attendance positive, open, and expressive. Her guidance in my life personally beyond the event has served in so many purposes and aspects of my life’s vision. Her motivating words, work ethic, and legacy have continued to push me to want to work harder. As a friend and mentor and a woman of color, I can’t thank Tola enough for always being what I need and right on time
— Rachel Gordon – St. John’s University Alum 2017
Since meeting Tola this summer, her passion and drive are infectious. After speaking with Tola it was abundantly apparent that Tola was absolutely committed to providing young women an outlet to express themselves and find their identities as young women. The young women Tola has worked with up until now are experiencing success at the college level. Their success is in no small part due to Tola’s passion and commitment to ensuring the girls she works with have every resource and opportunity for success. Tola’s Gyrl Wonder programming strictly adheres to the pillars outlined on the Gyrl Wonder website. Furthermore, Gyrl Wonder’s programming is celebrated through effective use of social media to express how the programming supports Gyrl Wonder’s mission and vision for young women. Tola’s success with Gyrl Wonder is also fully supported by the “pulse” she has on today’s youth culture as it pertains to what young women are experiencing in today’s society. Tola’s feel for the “pulse” is also reflected in her work with young women and the program offerings she develops which creates buy-in among young women. Tola’s work so far should be celebrated and used as a foundation for the work that is left to do to empower young women in today’s society. More-so than ever, Gyrl Wonder is a necessity in the work being done to empower young women across the world!
— Jared Moran – Principle Leake and Watts
If I had a book that contained all the stories, joy, and admiration that our young people have for Tola, it would be burgeoning at the seams - simply put, she changes lives in ways I’ve never seen before. The way Tola “gets” youth and can connect with them authentically and instantaneously is incredible, and needs to be witnessed to really get a sense for her dedication and ability to lift younger generations to heights they didn’t know were possible. From inspiring our kids to engage in community service and mentorship, to honest self-reflection on their own dreams and development, her impact on youth and young adults is being forever written in the positivity, love, heart, spirit, and wisdom that she brings. A trailblazer in her own right, she’s ready to show the world what our youth are capable of, and as the kids know by now, she’s got their backs every step of the way.
— Brandon Lee, Ph.D. Achievement First Network