Its the beginning of the school year and all (I'm lying, but most) of the seniors are ready to tackle the college application process. Just received the new SUNY 2017 Viewbook and its filled with some pretty good info. I didn't go to Albany (I was almost shipped there to join forces with my cousin Shani Boxill but lol) I have plenty o' friends who graduated from Albany (Hey Iana Wells) and a number of other state universities. A few stats on why exploring State Universities is a good idea!

SUNY's have a 66% percent graduation rate compared to the national average of 59%
Lower tuition. Isnt that we all want? The national average for in state tuition is over 9k. SUNYS? 8K

Lower Student debt. #DearSallieMae or #Navient. The national average upon graduation is 29k, the SUNY average, 25k.

Show me the money! SUNY's awarded over 169 Million in campus Scholarships in the 2015/2016 school year

...and if you're an athlete looking for some playing time, University at Albany, SUNY, Bingo (Binghamton University), University at Buffalo and Stony Brook University are all Division 1 schools.

You're welcome.