Daymond Book Review

"Because if you've got to succeed to survive, you will. Trust me" - @thesharkdaymond

Being financially challenged (not a fan of the word "broke") forces you to dig deep, think creatively, jump outside of the box and operate with the "nothing to lose" notion. Daymond John’s #ThePowerOfBroke, uses practical advice and success stories of some of today's biggest (and not so big) names to drive home this message. My fav story was the middle school student (Moziah Bridges) who's passion for fashion lead him to design bow ties. Cute lol.

Good read and much needed refresher. It's so easy to be discouraged when the path to our dream/ goal, isn't as easy as we wished. But "It's all about tapping into the mind-set that finds us when we're in that place of hunger, that place of desperation... and putting it to work."

And I love a good sports analogy:
"The power of broke is the half-court shot you fire up with time running out and the game on the line."

Not in the book but one of my fav quotes that was pretty fitting: "Remind yourself, nobody's built like you, you design yourself" - Hov

What are you reading? 📚

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